Active shooter response must co-exist with fire safety

Author: Jim Pauley, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Fire Protection Association
Published: 4/25/2018
Active shooter and hostile incidents are sadly becoming more frequent in our society. The natural response to these crises is to quickly identify possible solutions to avert future tragedies. While this is an understandable and critical course of action, we must not impulsively solve one safety issue at the expense of another. Case in point, many are questioning the relevancy of fire drills, the use of smoke alarms and other fire safety practices that limit door locking capabilities.     read more

Fire Chief Otto Drozd, III Candidate Message for Office of IAFC 2nd Vice President

Author: Fire Chief Otto Drozd, III, Orange County Fire Rescue Department
Published: 4/23/2018
Dear Members of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Since being encouraged to seek the office of IAFC 2nd Vice President it has been my distinct honor to receive the endorsement and support of several individuals and organizations. What I committed to them, I commit to each and every one of you. I pledge to listen, build consensus, and effectively represent your interests and our great Fire Service. I am grateful and fortunate to be in my 31st year of service and can say without equivocation that the hope and promise of the American Dream is alive and well.     read more

Western Fire Chiefs Association Thanks FirstNet Built with AT&T for Ongoing Support

Author: Doug Schrage, WFCA President
Published: 4/16/2018
On behalf of the Western Fire Chiefs Association, I would like to thank FirstNet Built with AT&T for their generous and ongoing support of the WFCA and their sponsorship of several major activities and initiatives. In April, we will be hosting our third annual IAFC Division Dinner in conjunction with the Congressional Fire Services Institute, bringing together IAFC leaders from across the continent to facilitate networking and collaboration. In May, we will be convening the first-ever Wildland Fire Policy Summit, during which western fire managers will address the unprecedented 2017 fire season and craft policy recommendations for local, state, and national application.     read more

Western Fire Chiefs Association Announces Endorsement and Support of Candidates for IAFC Office

Author: Doug Schrage, WFCA President
Published: 3/13/2018
The months leading up to this year's IAFC election have been very unusual. The result was a contested race for President and a historically large slate of excellent candidates for 2nd Vice President. In the coming weeks, you will hear in this space from those candidates the Western Division is backing. In the meantime, I want to take a moment to explain our endorsement policy. A Western Division endorsement is highly sought after by candidates for IAFC office. Our practice is to invite written responses to questions, followed by a telephone interview with our board of directors. Our board would then vote on which candidate to endorse. In 2016, we adopted a new policy for candidate support an     read more

Western Fire Chiefs Association Endorses Chief Gary Ludwig for IAFC 2nd VP

Author: Doug Schrage, WFCA President
Published: 11/28/2017
On behalf of the Western Fire Chiefs Association Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce our unanimous endorsement of Fire Chief Gary Ludwig for IAFC 2nd Vice President in 2018. Chief Ludwig has an impressive record of leadership and achievement at all levels of the IAFC. We are confident that he will be a strong asset to the WFCA as we strive to provide value to our members through leadership and innovation.     read more

Let’s Assist Responders, Victims in Texas

Author: Thomas Jenkins, IAFC President and Chairman of the Board
Published: 9/04/2017
The IAFC has been in contact with IAFC Southwestern Division leaders and other state and national fire service organizations asking how IAFC members can help. We are requesting IAFC members and the fire service community to consider sending donations to one or more of the following organizations: Texas Firefighter Relief, American Red Cross, IAFF Disaster Relief Fund, National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund.     read more

Two Spots Available for WFCA's Annual FORCE Conference

Author: Chief Jeff Johnson, CEO Western Fire Chiefs Association
Published: 8/30/2017
The Western Fire Chiefs is holding our annual FORCE conference, ANTICIPATING TECHNOLOGY, September 2017 in Boulder, Colorado. FORCE (FIRE OFFICER AND RANKING CHIEF EXECUTIVE), an invitation only event, is a high-level forum focused on strategic positioning and building long-term success in complex organizations. FORCE is designed to foster lasting relationships and develop effective strategies which attendees can take home to their departments. Due to unavoidable recent cancellations, 2 spots have become available and we would like to invite our Western members to have an opportunity to attend this event.     read more

Western Fire Chiefs Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs and PulsePoint Foundation Join Forces to Improve Cardiac Arrest Response

Author: Doug Schrage, WFCA President
Published: 8/23/2017
In July, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA), and PulsePoint Foundation (PulsePoint) announced their global strategic partnership to increase cardiac arrest survival rates. This collaboration aims to reinforce the use of mobile phones and apps to connect nearby CPR-trained citizens and off-duty professional responders with people in cardiac arrest.     read more

Nevada Fire Chiefs Association (NFCA) Not Participating in the 2017 FireShowsWest Conference

Author: Mike Brown, President NFCA
Published: 7/26/2017
The NFCA ended an eight-year partnership with the owners of the FireShowsWest Conference and will not be participating in the 2017 conference. The owners of FireShowsWest, Fire Shows Group, LLC and the NFCA had a contractual relationship since 2009.     read more

Western Fire Chiefs Association Receives Overwhelming Response to Data Analytics Grant Opportunity

Author: Doug Schrage, WFCA President
Published: 7/25/2017
The Western Fire Chiefs Association recently announced their partnership with Intterra and their combined efforts in developing the Data Comparison Center (DCC). WFCA was awarded a grant to accelerate the process and will provide Intterra’s SituationAnalyst to 26 fire departments over the next two years.     read more

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