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Friday, April 24, 2015
Apartment fire displaces up to 35 Mount Airy residents    view comments tweat me share on facebook
Thirty-five people were displaced tonight when a fire broke out in a Mount Airy apartment building 35. Many of them were bussed to a temporary shelter by the Red Cross, though it was immediately unclear how many would be forced to find longer-term shelter elsewhere and how many, if any of them, would be allowed to return to their apartments tonight. Mount Airy Fire Department responded to the call at 7:33 p.m. to the fire, at the intersection of South Hamburg and Main Street. According to Fire Chief Zane Poindexter the fire itself was contained to one apartment. However, there was smoke damage in a large portion of the building. Poindexter said it’s unclear how many of the 35 people would be able to return to their homes tonight. Representative from the Red Cross were on scene, and bussed some of the displaced residents to a temporary warming shelter. Following the assesment of the fire department and Duke Energy, those residents that are permitted to will return to their homes. The cause of the fire is not yet known, and there were no reported injuries. The Mount Airy Fire Department was the primary responder to the incident. However, Surry County EMS, Surry County Emergency Management, Mount Airy Police, Mount Airy Rescue, Cana Volunteer Fire, Bannertown Volunteer Fire, Franklin Volunteer, White Plains Volunteer and Fourway Volunteer Fire Departments also responded to the fire.
Mount Airy News

Wilmington firefighters training to help autistic children in emergencies    view comments tweat me share on facebook
April is National Autism Awareness month, recognizing the 1 in 68 children identified with autism spectrum disorder - the fastest growing developmental disability. First responders in Wilmington are getting intensive training to improve their awareness of those with autism while responding to emergency situations. Wilmington firefighter Donnie Burns had only heard about autism. It wasn't until a call came in from a frantic mother that he experienced the disorder firsthand. When his company arrived, they saw what looked like a wild temper tantrum. “He grabbed our hands and led us out the front door because he didn't want nothing to do with us,” Donnie remembered. Unable to communicate with the child and unclear as to what the problem was, the firefighters felt like there was little they could do to help. “He knew we were in his bubble and he didn't want any part of it,” Donnie explained. It's situations like these that Wrightsville Beach firefighter Dan Reid and CFCC student Austin Smith hope to improve. Dan's son has autism, and he understands how an autistic child would experience an emergency, but also sees how first responders may struggle to help them. When Austin was diagnosed at 17, he was thrilled. Until the moment the doctor said “autism” there was little understanding as to why he perceived the world so uniquely from everyone else. Today, he wears that diagnosis like a badge of honor: “A-U-T-I-S-M,” on a tag around his neck. In an emergency, that clue could help save his life. Donnie, Dan and Austin don't know each other but they are, in a way, working together to ensure every first responder is equipped to handle the unique and unpredictable emergency situations involving autistic children and adults. After all, first responders are seven times more likely to closely interact with someone with autism, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
WBTV-TV Channel 3

Third fire strikes Greene County courthouse complex    view comments tweat me share on facebook
Crews were fighting a fire at the Greene County Courthouse late Thursday, according to Greene County Fire Marshal Trey Cash. As of Friday morning officials were investigating what caused the blaze. The courthouse was located at 301 North Greene Street in Snow Hill. According to our reporter, Rebekah Thurston, this is the third time the complexes caught fire since February 2015. The first fire was also at the courthouse and the cause was electrical in nature. The second fire was at the probation and parole office, located across the street. The cause of that fire was ruled electrical in nature as well. We will work to bring the officials cause on this most current blaze.

Nothing personal: Graham fire inspector says prom decorations violated state codes    view comments tweat me share on facebook
Last Friday was prom night at River Mill Academy, but the gym did not look like everyone expected because some of the decorations violated the fire code. Several parents contacted the Times-News to say they did not think changing them was necessary. One even called it a personal grudge against the school. “It’s definitely not a personal thing,” Graham Fire Inspector Beau Russell said. “It’s nothing I’m making up; it’s just the fire code.” The theme of the dance was the Arabian Nights, and the charter school decorated its basketball court with canopies draped in fabric, and hung a long curtain going around the basketball court to block the view of the bleachers. Principal Jeff Dishmon said they were the same type of decorations the school uses for every prom. They also took a lot of time and effort to put up. “We had students and parents spend 60-plus hours preparing for our prom,” Dishmon said. The curtain and fabric wrapped around the canopies was not fire retardant, Russell said, which is a violation of the state fire code. The four canopies were made of fire retardant material and could stay. Russell said he conducts unannounced inspections of every school twice a year. River Mill’s inspection was due this month, he said, and he conducted it April 16, not knowing it was the day before the prom.
Burlington Times News

New Bern man at scene of fire charged with arson    view comments tweat me share on facebook
A New Bern man was arrested Thursday morning on a charge of first-degree arson after allegedly setting fire to Bradbury Manor II, a boarding house on Broad Street. The accused man was identified as Khy Donovan Logan, a 33-year-old who lived there. A police report states he was arrested shortly before 4 a.m. Interim Fire Chief Bobby Boyd said firefighters from New Bern Fire and Rescue Headquarters, only a few blocks away from the incident, were dispatched at 11:12 p.m. to the structure, located at 719 Broad St. When they arrived, firefighters discovered the fire in a first-floor storage room on the side of the two-story house, Boyd said. The fire was started in a trash can. Firefighters, who arrived in three minutes after the call came in, had the fire under control in 17 minutes. “It wasn’t damaged too bad, just the room and contents,” Boyd said. “One of the boarders had used a fire extinguisher and knocked it down a bit.” There were about eight residents at the boarding house. No one was hurt, Boyd said.
New Bern Sun Journal

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Massive fire at recycling plant on North Queen Street in Kinston   view comments tweat me share on facebook
VIDEO: Investigators are now trying to determine how a recycling facility caught fire this morning in Kinston. Smoke and flames were shooting into the air shortly before 7:30 a.m. on North Queen Street. JIL Industrial Recycling was destroyed in the fire. The site used to be a commercial bakery. Firefighters say within ten minutes of arriving, the roof of the building fell in. Now just a few brick walls remain standing. Wind also caused problems, pushing the thick black smoke through much of downtown and causing several traffic accidents. The plant is across the street from the Marathon gas station, just north of Plaza Boulevard. Firefighters were able to keep the massive blaze from spreading to an adjacent building. That houses a heating/air conditioning business as well as a security firm. The two buildings are about 20 feet apart. It took dozens of firefighters several hours to knock down the fire. They will remain there throughout the day, putting out hot spots. North Queen Street remains closed.
WITN-TV NBC 7 Greenville

Fayetteville fire forces families from homes   view comments tweat me share on facebook
Fayetteville firefighters say unattended cooking caused a fire that ripped through four Treetops Apartments in the 800 block of Greenleaf Drive. Just after 2 a.m. Thursday morning, firefighters were called out to the fire and found flames shooting through the roof and windows. They evacuated eight apartments but four were actually damaged. One neighbor, Aslin Inman, said he woke up around four in the morning to see firefighters still on scene, "I didn't know if it was my building or the one beside me on fire." Thankfully for him, it wasn't his building, but as he surveyed the charred remains of his neighbor's homes early Thursday morning, he was thankful to hear no one was hurt, "an apartment can be replaced, as long as everybody is okay, that's what matters." No damage estimate has been released just yet, but firefighters say the American Red Cross is helping the nine people displaced by the fire.
WTVD-TV ABC Channel 11

High Point receives top fire protection rating   view comments tweat me share on facebook
When it comes to fire protection, High Point has been a named a Class 1 community, the highest rating given by the Insurance Services Office, a provider of data and risk assessment services. "We're ecstatic about it," High Point fire chief Thomas Reid said. "It shows the level of commitment of our personnel as well as the commitment of the city and our citizens in standing behind our fire department. The rating takes into account such factors such as communications, response time, water availability and fire safety education. The rating, Reid said, also helps determine insurance rates. High Point is one of 97 communities around the country (including Greensboro) with the Class 1 designation.
Greensboro News and Record

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