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Friday, February 5, 2016
Fargo Fire Department puts new ladder truck into service    view comments tweat me share on facebook
Fargo Fire Department puts new ladder truck into service The Fargo Fire Department has a new ladder truck to help protect the City of Fargo. Crews put it into service on Tuesday. The new ladder truck will operate from the Osgood Fire Station and respond to emergency incidents throughout the south side of Fargo. For responding to fire emergencies this truck is equipped with a 103 foot ladder, a 1500 gallon per minute water pump and a 500 gallon water tank. The truck is also equipped to respond to auto accidents, high angle rescue and technical rescue incidents. This will be Fargo’s second ladder truck operating in the city, the other one covers the north half of the city. The new ladder truck was manufactured by Spartan ERV in South Dakota and took one year to build. The truck cost $884,785.00 and an additional $70,000 in equipment was added to outfit it for its assigned duties.
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Day Three of Morton County Trial for a Man Charged with Felony Murder and Arson    view comments tweat me share on facebook
Morton County state's attorney Brian Grossinger asked the jury to find Rodney Friesz guilty of murder and arson. And for the first time jury members saw photographs of the inside of the trailer where Gene Jassman was found dead. The photos included images of Jassman's body. The agent describing the scene says investigators found soot around Jassman's mouth and nose-- leading him to believe Jassman was still breathing when the fire was started. Grossinger told the jury the argument for self defense was not believable. The defense argued there wasn't enough evidence to link Friesz to the murder or the fire. Attorney Monty Mertz said the gas found on Friesz's shoes doesn't prove he did anything. The defense's key witness was Michael Bonogofsky, a long-time friend of Friesz. Bonogofsky said Friesz had been acting strange and said he feared for his life. Bonogofsky told the jury that on the day of the incident, Friesz came and told him he loved him and said, today was the day the people were coming to kill him. "He was really scared and freaked out you know. Leading up to this, a few days before, he said, I don't know who was threatening him. Whether it was a person or if it was in his mind or what it was, I don't know. You could tell he was scared and it wasn't Rod," says Michael Bonogofsky, Jr. The defense wanted to bring three additional witnesses to the stand. One of them was going to talk about Bonogofsky taking credit for killing Jassman. Friesz did not take the stand during the trial.

Thursday, February 4, 2016
West Fargo Fire Department to focus on training as calls surge   view comments tweat me share on facebook
West Fargo is no longer a small town, and its fire department is trying to keep up with the big-city changes. The number of calls the fire department responded to in 2015 increased and so did the call type. The fire department saw the number of calls jump 63 percent over five years as the population swelled to 30,000. Fire Chief Dan Fuller released the department’s first-ever comprehensive annual fire report in January. He found the volunteer department responded to 379 calls for services that included 56 fires, 26 accident calls, 35 hazardous materials incidents, 136 “bells” or alarm system calls, 24 smoke or odor investigations and 63 calls were canceled. There were no deaths or injuries related to fires in 2015. Of the calls of service, 334 were inside West Fargo city limits and 45 calls were in rural areas. The department covers all of West Fargo, Reile’s Acres, North River, Barnes, Mapleton, Reed and Raymond townships. Fuller said many calls tend to happen around 6 p.m. but no day of the week seems to have more calls than others. Fuller said the high number of rescues, which can be include rescuing people from ice, water, vehicles, even elevators, and high number of alarm calls show that his department along with the city is modernizing and growing. “We’re going towards a metropolitan department rather than a small-town North Dakota fire department anymore,” Fuller said. To keep up, training will be a priority in 2016. Fuller was able to buy about eight new sets of ice rescue equipment and two new boats that will be placed at each end of the Sheyenne River in town for easy access. He is also working with Minnesota State Community and Technical College on a water and ice rescue training program that will start in March. “After that, we’ll go to looking at way of operating and making sure what we do is right for the type of city we have,” Fuller said.
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Careless smoking blamed for early morning deck fire in Fargo   view comments tweat me share on facebook
PHOTO: A deck fire caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette caused minor damage a home in Fargo's Golden Ridge neighborhood early Thursday. Fire crews were called out shortly before 4 a.m. to 906 26th Street North. Firefighters got a quick knock-down, limiting damage to the rear deck and exterior wall of the home. Fire Captain Jason Mehlisch says if a neighbor had not spotted the flames and called 911, it wouldn't have taken much longer for the fire would to have spread into the house.
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