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Friday, August 22, 2014
Fargo Airport Creating Own Fire Force    view comments tweat me share on facebook
VIDEO: A lost flying mission for the Air National Guard has forced Hector International Airport to build its own fire department. The airport is hiring 10 of the 28 crew members from the National Guard. Since they are operating with less people they need a new plan of attack. Part of the plan is these 1.8 million dollar trucks. They can be operated by one person. "A lot of good guys are going to be out of work now because of the position we are in, and it's out of our control," says David Bush, ND Air National Guard Deputy Chief. "It's interesting going forward, I mean like I said we will be able to utilize the firefighters a little differently on then on the military side, and it will benefit the airport,” says Darren Anderson, with Hector International Airport Authority. The overall cost of funding the airport fire department is still being shared by state and local dollars, but the local portion is increasing.
KVLY-TV Fargo - Valley News Live

One Injured in Vehicle Explosion in Wahpeton    view comments tweat me share on facebook
VIDEO: One man is injured after a vehicle explosion in Wahpeton Thursday afternoon. Police tell us it happened just after 4:00 p.m. Reporter Gary Rogers says the driver was on his way home with a weed wacker and chain saw in the vehicle. Fire officials believe a cigarette may have ignited gasoline fumes from the lawn tools. Assistant Fire Chief Dale Rubish says the extent of the man's injuries is not known, but he was burned. The driver was taken to St. Francis Medical Center in Breckenridge for treatment.
KVLY-TV Fargo - Valley News Live

Bismarck Firefighters Train on School Bus    view comments tweat me share on facebook
VIDEO: There's no need to be alarmed. These firefighters have this situation under control. "They know how to put fires out but it's that other piece that the firefighters don't normally get," says Bob Brown, BPS Asst. Director, Facilities & Transportation. They get to train on how to save victims... from a school bus. "Patient removal, taking out, how to gain access to buses that are in different positions as we have one on its side here and how do we get in and remove patients out of there," says Brooks Martin, Battalion Chief-Support Services, Bis. Fire Dept. It's a three day training exercise for Bismarck firefighters. They don't normally get to do this kind of extrication practice on a bus. More than 60 firefighters take their turn making practice saves on the school bus. All because of a 20 thousand dollar Clean Diesel grant that Bismarck Public Schools will receive. "It was a great opportunity by Bismarck Public School system to give us the bus to be able to go in and practice and hone some of our skills on," says Martin. It's a win-win situation. Not only does the grant provide a bus for firefighters to practice on, it also provides Bismarck Public Schools with a brand new, more efficient and safer bus for its students.
KXNet-TV ND News Network

Two Valley City Businesses Evacuate After Gas Line Rupture    view comments tweat me share on facebook
Employees of Dietrich & Sons company and Heartland Flax were asked to evacuate their buildings after an underground gas line was ruptured by a construction scrapper on August 21. Valley City Fire Chief Gary Retterath says the scrapper punctured a one inch hole into the 2 inch diameter MDU gas line around 11:50am Thursday, August 21. He says crews pinched the line so MDU crews could make the necessary repair some 36 feet from the back of the businesses. Retterath says fire crews and police were at the scene for about 90 minutes before the all clears was issued.

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Devils Lake Fire Department receives increased insurance rating   view comments tweat me share on facebook
The Devils Lake City Commission held its regular meeting Monday evening. There a number of various issues heard by its members. Devils Lake Fire Chief Jim Moe told the commission that the local fire department recently received good news. The department improved its Personal Protection Classification rating from Grade 5 to Grade 4 after being evaluated by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) this spring. The Devils Lake Fire Department just missed out of receiving a rating of Grade 3. "The department is very pleased with improvement in rating," Moe stated Monday evening at Devils Lake City Hall. Each department in the nation is evaluated in a number of different areas. Included in this are inspections of the water supply, emergency communications center and the department. The rating shows the efforts of departments employees and volunteers as well its working relationship with local agencies, Moe said. "This was a definite goal of the department," he noted. Commercial and residential owners in Devils Lake will notice the change in their insurance rates, especially on the business side, the chief commented. In other business, the commission agreed to form an eight-member committee to oversee discussions and negotiations between the Devils Lake Airport Authority and John Kuntz regarding relocation payment.
Devils Lake Journal

Follow Up: Williston Fire Department Hopes to Expand   view comments tweat me share on facebook
Williston continues to grow, which affects the fire department. The city is looking to add another fire hall to help overcrowding and response time. The Williston fire department is currently by Cash Wise. It used to be near the main part of town, but now city limits span out north to Love's Truck Stop. “When it comes to fire or EMS with the type of construction and furnishing that you have in buildings now, they tend to burn faster, hotter and quicker," says Fire Department Capt. Andrew Sailer. Fire Chief Jason Catrambone says their response time is still pretty good. They would like to improve on it, which would probably require another fire hall being built. “We're shooting for our next one to be up north,” says Catrambone. “This one will spread out our apparatus. Both fire and EMS to give better coverage for the whole city.” Catrambone says they would like to have it around three miles north of the current one. They did some mapping of their past calls and decided it would be the best location. “I think the needs been here since I've been here. I know there's logistics the city has to deal with. As a need, I think the actual in it of itself. It's been here since I've been here," he says. Space is also an issue because they can't fit anymore apparatus or ambulances in the current station. When the new one is built, they will have more space for equipment and firefighters. “We can bring them in and train them,” says Catrambone. “It's not the same as hiring a paramedic or an EMT that's already been through a lot of classes. We shouldn't have much issue trying to find some firefighters when we're ready.” Sailer says if the city keeps growing it might have to add a third or a four fire hall to keep up.
KFYR-TV NBC 5 Bismarck

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