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Friday, April 29, 2016
Jamestown Fire Department Joins Statewide Operation: Butt Out    view comments tweat me share on facebook
AUDIO: The Jamestown Fire Department has joined a statewide effort to raise awareness of safely putting out smoking materials to prevent fires. During a monthly statewide fire chief meeting, Jamestown Fire Chief Jim Reuther stated that Bismarck had begun seeing an dangerous increase in fires caused due to smoking materials. Reuther stated that Jamestown has also seen an increase in smoking materials causing fires in the community, citing several incidents in the past year. Chief Reuther reported that there are several things individuals can do to prevent fires caused by discarded or unattended smoking materials. Chief Ruether stated that the reason for the campaign and raising awareness is because it’s the duty of the firefighters in the community to spread information and prevent these cases from happening. You can find more information on the Jamestown Fire Department Facebook page or by calling the department at 701-252-1441. Click the image below to view some of the tips for “Operation: Butt Out.”

Thursday, April 28, 2016
Scientists: Dakota oilfield wastewater spills release toxins   view comments tweat me share on facebook
Scientists say wastewater spills from oil development in western North Dakota are releasing toxins into soils and waterways, sometimes at levels exceeding federal water quality standards. In a report published Wednesday, Duke University researchers say they detected high levels of lead, ammonium and other contaminants in surface waters affected by recent wastewater spills in the Bakken oilfield region. They also found that soils at spill sites were laced with radium, a radioactive element in brines that form naturally with underground oil and gas deposits. Geochemistry professor Avner Vengosh says long-term monitoring of waters downstream from the spills is needed to determine whether drinking water quality is at risk. North Dakota environmental health chief Dave Glatt says most wastewater spills are cleaned quickly and pose no threat to humans.

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