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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bison Turf bar declared dangerous after fire; city of Fargo warns it should be demolished

The Bison Turf, heavily damaged by an intense and stubborn blaze last Friday, has been declared a dangerous building by the City of Fargo's inspections department and could be demolished by the city unless the owner can come up with a plan to either repair the building or raze and rebuild the bar and restaurant. "We've told the owner that, in the opinion of the city, it needs to be demolished. There's over 50 percent damage," Director of Planning and Development Jim Gilmour said Wednesday, July 27. "It's a building that doesn't appear to be structurally sound. The owner can certainly hire an architect and a structural engineer," Gilmour said. Bison Turf owner Pete Sabo reaffirmed Monday, July 25, that he planned to rebuild the popular northside watering hole, and he asserted that the fire, water and smoke damage didn't appear to be unrepairable. Sabo said then that if city officials and insurance adjusters worked quickly, he could have the bar area of the Turf back in business in 30 days. Fire Chief Steve Dirksen, however, said he believed that timeline was unrealistic. "The fire did cause that building to be a dangerous building," Bruce Taralson, interim administrator for the city inspections department, said Wednesday. Taralson said he talked with Sabo Wednesday morning and told him his options. He also said the city will move to demolish the Bison Turf if Sabo does not act. An official letter from the inspections department was also sent Wednesday, Taralson said. "The one thing it does say is demolish. The word is in there," Taralson said. That's because "many times, people let things sit like that and the city has to act. He (Sabo) has options and many of them are in the dangerous building ordinance and the land development code."
Grand Forks Herald

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cigarette Sets Fargo Apartment Ablaze

VIDEO: Fargo fire crews are called out after someone believes a fire was intentionally set. When fire crews arrived at 4430 9th Avenue South they found a towel that appeared to have blown off a balcony of an apartment unit on the ground near an electrical box. They say a cigarette was not properly disposed of and it set the towel on fire. Officials say when living in such close proximity it's important to stay aware of your surroundings. "Take care of your neighbors, take care of yourself. If you see something that's being an unsafe practice make sure the apartment manager's know it's happening and make sure it gets corrected. The sooner before something bad happens," says Lt. Keith Johnson of the Fargo Fire Department. There was no sign of arson and the fire department has declared it accidental.

Minot Fill the Boot hits record numbers first day, one day left

VIDEO: The Muscular Dystrophy Association helps children and families in the a are who have one of the 43 muscular diseases. The Minot Fire Department has teamed up with them to help raise funds and awareness about these diseases by filling these boots. Firefighters from around the world have teamed up with the MDA for the Fill the Boot project for more than 60 years. The Minot Fire Department has raised large amounts of money over the years for families in North Dakota whose children suffer from these diseases. Last year they raised more than $50,000, but they say they plan to raise more this year. Yesterday alone, with the help of the community, they raised nearly $24,000, breaking first-day records in the state. The MDA supports nearly 2,500 families in North Dakota. Sending children to special camps, funding research, and educating the families who have children with a muscular disease. "Those kids had a huge impact on me, what they go through everyday, what their families go through everyday. They're super special, they're awesome probably the best sense of humor and I wanna see them keep having fun," says Minot Firefighter, MDA coordinator, Mitch Murphy.

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