Sandy Fire District Recognizes Service "Over and Above"

Sandy Fire District announced award recipients during their annual banquet Saturday, January 5th.  Sandy Fire is a combination paid/volunteer fire District.  This team is notably successful because of the exemplary character, work ethic and commitment to service that the individuals working together demonstrate.  Volunteer and paid staff combined provided an incredible 27,539 hours of service to the community in 2018!  We responded to 2,242 alarms and logged 8,261 training hours.

In a team, there are always individuals who stand out as examples of what the organization is most proud of, below are those who have gone over and above in demonstrating their ability to work under extreme pressure, and their desire to learn and to teach.  It is individuals such as these that challenge us to meet them at the top.

Board Award – Family of Len Tobias

The Board Award was presented to the family of Len Tobias.  Len served on the Sandy Fire District Board of Directors for 25 years.  He served on several committees throughout his years at Sandy Fire including the Apparatus, Radio & LOSAP Committees.  Chairman Andrew Brian stated, “Len was very welcoming to new board members.  His vision always included future needs, growth, and fiscal stability for the fire district.” 

Probationary Firefighter of the Year – Firefighter Max Chubok

Probationary Firefighter Max Chubok responded to 167 alarms and served 364 hours as a crew member.  Firefighter Chubok completed his probationary year with 270 hours of training.  “Max is a diligent and hard work.  He is always smiling and has a can-do attitude.” According to Division Chief Jason McKinnon. 

Firefighter of the Year – Firefighter Doug Dietrich

Volunteer Firefighter Doug Dietrich had 164 hours of training, over 540 crew hours and responded to 267 alarms, providing 852 hours of service to the District and community!  The Firefighter of the Year award recognizes the desire to serve the community, sacrifice, perseverance and dedication of an individual. To be the Firefighter of the Year is the highest honor a firefighter can receive. This is FF Dietrich’s third time earning this award.  Thank you, Doug!

Top Responder Awards

The 5 Top Responders for 2018 included:

  • Glenn Yeager - 468 Alarms
  • Doug Dietrich –  267 Alarms
  • Rayner Yoshioka – 260 Alarms
  • Kelsi Bennett –  255 Alarms
  • Dakota Balosso –  236 Alarms

Years of Service Recognition:

  • 40 years of service: Chief Phil Schneider & Firefighter Russ Ridgeway
  • 10 years of service: Division Chief Jason McKinnon
  • 5 years of service:  Firefighters Nick Tharp, Ethan Pearson, Aaron Scobert, & Roberto Vazquez

Downloadable file: Photo 4 - Top Responder
Downloadable file: Photo 3 - 40 Years of Service
Downloadable file: Photo 2 - Probationary Firefighter of the Year
Downloadable file: Photo 1 - Firefighter of the Year

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