We Key the Mic for Automatic Fire Suppression Technology

Published: 8/17/2021
Author: Key the Mic Staff

Grant Van Der Jagt’s Auto Fire Guard, or FireBall, is just one of a few life safety inventions he’s developed. As a firefighter, Grant saw where fires started in homes and wondered if he could develop something that could prevent those fires from spreading. He committed to finding a way to help people avoid fighting fires. That’s how he invented the FireBall. It’s not meant to be a substitute for a fire extinguisher. His intent was life safety—place the FireBall in the places most prone to fire in a home… in the kitchen and by the dryer. Because the FireBall activates only when it comes into contact with fire, it prevents people from attempting to extinguish a fire on their own, which means fewer injuries and fatalities. In this episode, Grant explains his journey from firefighter to inventor, what he’s learned along the way, and his tips for introducing new technology to the fire service.

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