Which Chief Are You?

Published: 5/13/2013
Author: The International Association of Fire Chiefs

Do you ever take a step back and look at your own leadership styles? Very few people do. Yet, much of our success as individuals, as well as that of our organizations, depends on how prepared we are to lead.

Tomorrow the IAFC will release the first in a series of videos that have a little fun with how difficult it can be to change our perspective  and how we challenge each other to grow.  The videos highlight the many benefits of the IAFC annual educational conference, Fire-Rescue International (FRI), but the real message is the value of education and peer-to-peer connections and how those tools make you a stronger leader.

Throughout the series, which will feature a new video every two weeks leading up to FRI, two chiefs discuss different styles of relationship building, mentorship, education and technology. The chiefs represent two people with different approaches to leadership. They poke a little fun at each other, but the message that prevails is today’s leaders can’t afford to be complacent. The landscape has changed and keeping up and being willing to change is important. Some viewers will live up to the chief who has it all together, but many will see some reflection of themselves in the well-intentioned chief trying to make sense of a new world with outdated tools. 

Either way, you’re bound to have some laughs, think about how you can move your leadership skills forward and learn a few things about FRI.  

While IAFC has used video for the purpose of education and marketing for many years, this series is definitely a new approach.  It’s just a small way to demonstrate that the IAFC is embracing new ideas, model practices and the change expectations of those we serve.   If you want to see more examples of how the IAFC and the fire and emergency service is moving forward, join us at FRI in Chicago.  You’ll likely see a change in yourself as well.

Check out the video tomorrow and decide Which Chief Are You? Visit www.iafc.org/FRIvideo  

Mark W. Light, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, IAFC


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