Guest Editorial: T-Mobile Supports Taking 'September 11th Radio Spectrum' Away. Public Safety, Let Them Know They’re Wrong… Again

Author: Chuck Dowd, Assistant Chief (Retired), NYPD
Published: 9/30/2020
Shortly after the September 11th terror attacks, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigned critically needed radio frequencies (4.9 GHz) nationwide to first responders. T-Mobile, in recent FCC filings, now supports taking it away from public safety for commercial use. Public safety -- protect your spectrum! Sign the on-line petition.     read more

COVID-19 and Wildfire Webinar Series: Episode 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 29

Author: Chief Kim Zagaris, WFCA Wildfire Policy and Technology Advisor
Published: 9/21/2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of ongoing challenges for the fire service. Daily operations have been impacted in unprecedented ways including increased demand for PPE on calls, social distancing requirements, and quarantining guidelines. Wildfire season is currently in full swing, and the COVID pandemic has created additional issues for federal, state, and local agencies. Intterra and WFCA are coming together again on Tuesday, Sept. 29 to offer Episode 2 aimed at offering real solutions for fire service teams.     read more

WFCA & Ting are advancing pre-fire electrical data

Author: Bob Roper, Senior Policy Advisor, Western Fire Chiefs Association
Published: 9/04/2020
Fire sprinklers and smoke detectors act as a "silent sentry" against active interior structure fires. How would you like a tool that monitors an entire home for hidden electrical wiring defects and helps prevent fires before they start - notifying you of the potential hazard via a cell phone app? In wildfire prone areas, wouldn't it be great to have monitoring for defective service and/or transmission electrical lines before they might cause a wildfire? This technology advancement may be here today with even newer data tools in the near future.     read more

Tactical Pause on Sept. 2 – Focus on Risk Management

Author: National Multi-Agency Coordinating Group
Published: 9/01/2020
We are in the height of the 2020 Western fire season and we have been reminded that the wildland fire environment is dangerous whether you are on the ground or in the air. Along with the increase in fire activity, there has been an increase in close calls, serious accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Please honor those that have fallen, most recently our aviators, by actively managing risk. It is now the beginning of September and long-term fatigue is setting in, which exacerbates the complexity of a fire season made even more difficult by COVID-19. We ask you to take a tactical pause at some point on Wednesday, September 2nd, to discuss current risks to which you are exposed.     read more

Using technology to connect with your community

Author: Jeffrey D. Johnson, CEO, Western Fire Chiefs Association
Published: 8/13/2020
Navigating and adapting through the current environment has never been more important for first responders. And using technology to improve how we protect the communities we serve is something first responders are very good at. The Neighbors Public Safety Service (NPSS) by home security company Ring, for example, is an excellent free tool for first responders from a proven, reputable company.     read more

First Responder Fees – Is It Time?

Author: Kurt Henke, Principal/Managing Partner, AP Triton LLC
Published: 7/14/2020
Chief Jeff Johnson’s editorial on the financial crisis facing the fire service and public sectors today could not be more accurate. Though most of us have not dealt with a health pandemic of this magnitude or a near complete shutdown of our economy in our lifetime, we have dealt with financial crisis before. Does 2008-2011 ring a bell? As a fire chief of a metropolitan fire district ...     read more

Guest Editorial: More Smoke and Mirrors from Verizon

Author: Richard A. Mirgon, Richard Mirgon Consulting, LLC
Published: 6/24/2020
An article was recently published about Verizon announcing their new public safety app store. Public safety should understand that this app store is marginal and nothing more than a list and access to a miscellaneous collection of public safety related applications. This site is dangerous to public safety and users should read the User Agreement which says Verizon is not responsible for anything.     read more

The Future of Technology Partners for Public Safety: A Case Study on First Due

Author: Dan Munsey, CFO, Fire Chief, San Bernardino County Fire District
Published: 5/29/2020
When fire service leaders look to acquire and adopt new technologies, we need to ensure we lead through the technology we implement--not be led by it. This concept is something I have witnessed again and again as fire agencies implement new technology integration into operations--we all want to have the "shiny new toy," and we buy it impulsively. The fire service technology vendors we need to partner with should be thought leaders and innovators in technology.     read more

New Wireless Services Contracts for FireRescue GPO

Author: Jeffrey D. Johnson, CEO, Western Fire Chiefs Association
Published: 5/26/2020
Communication is essential in keeping the public safe and protecting our communities. Recently, our approved cooperative purchasing partner, Sourcewell, awarded contracts for Wireless Voice and Data Services to AT&T and Sprint. As a government organization, Sourcewell has been providing competitively awarded contracts to public entities for the past 40 years. This can make the purchasing process a little easier so that your first responders can get the modern equipment and services they need every day - smartphones, cell phones, tablets, Wi-Fi devices, chargers and accessories, and other related services.     read more

COVID-19 and Wildfire—the Emerging Issues

Author: Chief Kim Zagaris, WFCA Wildfire Policy and Technology Advisor
Published: 5/19/2020
COVID-19 has produced an unprecedented series of new issues for the fire service and has impacted daily operations in numerous ways. Now wildfire season is here, and the idea of running a wildland fire camp in light of COVID-19 has created real issues for federal, state and local agencies. To track the conversation and offer real solutions to help the fire service, Intterra and WFCA have come together to produce a series of webinars focused on COVID-19 and wildfire.     read more

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