Understanding the Role of IAFC; Support Dan Munsey for 2024 IAFC Second Vice President

Author: Dan Munsey, MPA, EFO, CFO, Fire Chief
Published: 5/06/2024
In just over a week, voting opens for the IAFC 2nd VP elections. Since announcing my candidacy, a common question arises: "What does the IAFC do for me?" The answer is straightforward: some challenges are too large for our individual resources to handle. We face global issues that surpass our local jurisdictions and national borders—beyond our agencies and state associations. Leadership at the international level is essential to gather and listen to advice of our diverse experts and collaborate with our national and international partners to meet the demands of our changing fire service. I encourage you to continue reading to learn more about the IAFC and why strong leadership is necessary.     read more

2024 IAFC Elections: Statement from Steven A. Locke, Candidate for Second Vice President

Author: Steven A. Locke, EFO, CFO, Fire Chief, IAFC Treasurer
Published: 4/23/2024
For the past five years, I have served as your IAFC Treasurer. My campaign to be IAFC Second Vice President is off to a strong start with the endorsements from the New England, Southeastern, and Great Lakes Divisions, along with the Board of Directors in the Eastern and Missouri Valley Divisions. I would be honored to add you to the long list of leaders from coast to coast and across Canada who have endorsed my vison to lead your IAFC into the next chapter. With 25+ years of local, state, and national experience, I look forward to serving you in this new capacity with the IAFC. Read on to learn more about me and why I’d like to be considered for this new role.     read more

Straight Talk about FirstNet: First Responder-Designed and First Responder-Led

Author: Chris Lombard, Assistant Chief of the Seattle Fire Department
Published: 1/09/2024
In emergency response communication interoperability, public safety's handling of the 4.9 GHz spectrum resembles the Wild West, with minimal coordination between states, uncoordinated use within given states, and fractured coordination among disciplines. Unfortunately, some entities aim to maintain this dysfunction for personal gain or to the detriment of others, claiming to represent public safety's interests under the guise of helping them retain what's rightfully theirs. Read on to learn more about the FirstNet Authority, within the U.S. Department of Commerce, and its efforts to facilitate coordination amongst public safety representatives.     read more

Public Safety Broadband 4.9GHz Spectrum – A Look at the Opposition

Author: All Things FirstNet.com
Published: 12/19/2023
As many of you know, there is a group opposing the 4.9 reallocation that appears to be financed and supported by the utilities industry, Verizon, and T-Mobile. What is clear is that this is an effort by these commercial interests to get free spectrum for those utilities and for the carriers that don’t support FirstNet. This will certainly have a negative impact on your public safety broadband network. The other thing that is clear is that they have hired former NYPD Chief Ken Corey to be the face of the organization. So, who is Ken Corey and what are his credentials? Please read on to learn more.     read more

We Can Do It Better

Author: Dave Winnacker, Fire Chief, Moraga-Orinda Fire District
Published: 8/07/2023
Growing interest in wildfire risk reduction in the Wildland Urban Interface has led to the implementation of strategies designed for our forested landscapes in ways that are not optimized to the unique challenges of the WUI. These strategies often involve the construction of fuel breaks without considering access for firefighting resources, undermining the purpose of these projects. Given the size of the problem, it is critical that limited resources be employed to maximum effect as part of a comprehensive risk reduction system and a landscape level approach, featuring distributed treatments (SPLATS) to disrupt fire pathways, offers a better way of achieving our goals.     read more

Inform Your Residents of the Dangers After a Fire

Author: Sean Scott, Author of The Red Guide to Recovery
Published: 7/14/2023
When fire departments leave the scene of a structure fire, occupants assume it is safe to reenter their damaged homes. Even though levels of asphyxiant and explosive gases may be at safe levels, it doesn’t mean that the fire scene is free of other serious health hazards. All too often uninformed residents venture into their fire damaged homes immediately after the scene is released to assess the damage, retrieve personal property, take photos, and start cleaning up. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t understand the hazards left behind, but there is something your department can do to help.     read more

Holistic Wellness for Firefighters – Who’s looking out for our first responders?

Author: Robbi King, Solutions Engineer at Vector Solutions
Published: 7/07/2023
The health and safety of first responders should be valued highly as these heroes are here for the public and greater good. Robbi King, current Solutions Engineer at Vector Solutions, veteran firefighter of 27 years, and former Chief Officer, takes a look at firefighter health and wellness as a whole. Breaking it into two main categories, Robbi addresses the importance of being both physically and mentally prepared in the field.     read more

2022 IAFC Elections: Statement from Second Vice President Candidate Josh Waldo

Author: Josh Waldo, CFO, EFO, Fire Chief, Bozeman Fire Department
Published: 5/02/2022
As a candidate for Second Vice President on the IAFC Board of Directors, I have had the privilege and pleasure of talking with many of you over the last year. During those conversations, I have heard a common theme: communication. My goal in this role is to enhance communication while helping you engage with your IAFC.     read more

A New Resource for Male Firefighters Over Age 40: '40PlusFIRE'

Author: Billy Goldfeder, Deputy Chief, Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
Published: 2/08/2022
We all know that cancer is the #1 cause of firefighter death. In 2021, it was "my turn"...I am sharing my story, my diagnosis and what I went through to help others. Fortunately, I am a survivor. And as a survivor, I want to do whatever I can to educate firefighters as to the reality and myths of firefighter prostate cancer. With a lot of help from fellow firefighters, fire officers, doctors and related subject matter experts, as well as the IAFC, IAFF, NVFC, USFA and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, we were able to create a website and resources dedicated to male firefighters over the age of 40.     read more

FireRescue GPO Is Now Part of Sourcewell & Public Safety Contracts Expanded

Author: Crosby Grindle, Strategic Development - Public Safety, Sourcewell
Published: 4/14/2021
Did you know Sourcewell provides procurement solutions across the U.S. and Canada, and serves approximately 50,000 public agencies as the sole cooperative purchasing partner of the IAFC? Or that through its partnership with FireRescue GPO, a public safety focused cooperative purchasing program founded by WFCA, Sourcewell supports fire chiefs associations? As North America's largest government cooperative procurement organization, Sourcewell offers contracts that include industry-leading public safety-related equipment and supplies. It’s likely your locality is already using Sourcewell for purchasing—now might be the time to revisit all that Sourcewell has to offer your department or agency.     read more

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