We Key the Mic for a Chief's Perspective

Published: 6/22/2021
Author: Key the Mic Staff

Fire Chief Bob Horton knows that most of today’s problems require a multifaceted approach: “When you start to look at the challenges our communities have, and it’s different in different areas of the country, and it's different in rural areas versus urban environments… but we’re all facing challenges that don’t fit nice or neatly into an organizational chart box. It’s actually a Venn diagram—there’s overlapping challenges all wrapped into one space.” One example he provides is the un-housed or homeless issues communities are trying to solve. It’s a complex situation with many overlapping agencies involved. No single agency can solve this particular issue. It’s going to take an interagency task force with the ability to think differently and critically. As Chief Horton points out, the fire service is very good at triaging, assessing, and solving issues, but is not always invited to the conversation when communities and governments tackle big-picture problems. Tune in to hear Chief Horton’s suggestions for how the fire service can change that and much more. 

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