WFCA Announces New Podcast: Fire Headlines
Published: 5/23/2023
Author: Bob Horton, WFCA Deputy Director
The Western Fire Chiefs Association is releasing a new weekly podcast that addresses top news from the Daily Dispatch. On Fire Headlines, Chief Jeff Buchanan and I discuss the most popular fire service news from the Daily Dispatch, determined by the number of clicks over the week. Our discussions are guided by our host, Inanna Hencke. Subject matter experts join our panel to dig deep into topics ranging from firefighter health and safety policies to innovative emergency service technologies. We aim to bring data-informed and thoughtful conversation to difficult topics, and to not shy away from disagreement or controversy.

Jeff and I both have extensive experience in the fire service. I have worked in public safety for over 22 years, while Dr. Jeffrey L. Buchanan is a retired Fire Chief and executive with more than two decades of public safety and government experience. We met while both working in southern Nevada in the early 2000’s, and while I had moved on to work in southern Oregon, Jeff continued his career in Nevada. 

On Fire Headlines, we bring our combined knowledge about public policy, communications, risk and safety, emergency services collaboration, evidenced-based programs, and leadership to current fire service industry concerns, issues, and advancements. The podcast topics are driven by Daily Dispatch readership interest, and we invite the Fire Headlines audience to engage with the show by sharing questions and thoughts as well. We welcome email questions, feedback, or topic suggestions at

We already have several Fire Headlines episodes available for people to listen to through your favorite podcatcher or on YouTube. Jeff and I discuss the most and least disaster-prone states, and what emergency service personnel may struggle with during a natural disaster. We talk about firefighter physical fitness with guest expert Dr. Kelly Morgan, who shares her insight into the ways that fitness data can be used to build prescribed, individualized exercise plans. Our industry is seeing a labor shortage, and Jeff and I debate the advantages of a new, original volunteer firefighter training incentive proposed in Illinois with organizational psychologist Andrew Holter. 

Fire Headlines will release a new episode every Thursday. Subscribe to Fire Headlines through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, or on your chosen podcasting app. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you as we examine innovations, creative ideas, and the struggles of the fire service industry.

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